Customizable, beautiful & professional LED solutions
LedGo Interior Panels

Ceiling Panels

Elevate your space by turning any drop ceiling into a mesmerizing video screen. Whether it's a corporate environment, retail space, or a unique architectural concept, LedGo's ceiling panels redefine the way you use your space.

Mirro Panels

Enlarge and enhance your room with LedGo's mirror panels. These ingenious LED mirrors not only reflect your image but also display advertisements and captivating visuals, making your space truly dynamic.

Floor Panels

Transform your floor into a captivating video screen with LedGo's interior floor panels. Create immersive experiences with high-resolution LED panels that bring moving images to life. From entrances to company spaces, shops, or clubs, LedGo interior panels add an interactive and innovative touch that leaves a lasting impression on your guests.


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Explore innovative LED solutions with LedGo’s customizable interior panels. 

Our LED technology allows you to create ceilings, mirrors, and even floors that come alive with dynamic video displays, animations, films, or any moving image of your choice.

Ceiling Panels

Turn any Drop Ceiling into Dynamic video Display

With LedGo Interior Panels, you can effortlessly convert your drop ceiling into a stunning video screen. Our innovative LED panels offer the perfect canvas to transform any interior into an immersive experience, bringing moving images to life. Whether you want to showcase videos, animations, or films, our high-resolution LED panels, exclusively designed by LedGo, deliver unmatched visual brilliance.

Elegance on and off

Even when turned off, LedGo Interior Panels exude elegance. You have the option to choose a front plate in either pristine white or a reflective mirror finish. What’s more, these LED panels can also double as a source of ambient light, adding versatility to your design. Elevate your Interior spaces with LedGo Interior Panels. 

Mirror Panels

Make Your Mirror Come to Life
Transform your ordinary mirror into a dynamic centerpiece with LedGo mirrors. Not only do they create the illusion of a larger space, but they also offer a unique canvas for displaying advertisements.
Design, Size, and Weight

Our mirrors can easily be attached to standard aluminum profiles, optionally with LedGo brackets, resulting in a front-service mirror wall. They also seamlessly integrate into standard drop ceilings. Please note that due to their 20kg per meter weight, some additional suspension points may be required for installation.

Elegance On and Off
LedGo Mirror Interior Panels are not only functional but also exude elegance when turned off. They resemble traditional mirrors, blending seamlessly into your space. Surprise your customers by switching them on to reveal their full potential.

Floor Panels

Turn Your Floor into a Dynamic Video Canvas
LedGo Interior floor panels empower you to transform your floors into captivating video displays. With these cutting-edge LED panels, you can create immersive interior experiences, showcasing video, animation, or films in stunning high resolution.
Make your entrance unforgettable – give your company, shop, or club an interactive and innovative edge with LedGo Interior floor panels. Your guests will be pleasantly surprised and remember the experience for years to come.
Design, Size, and Weight

Our versatile floor panels can be seamlessly integrated into any floor surface, whether placed on top or within it. These panels measure 50 x 50 centimeters and have a low profile of just 8 centimeters.

Elegance On and Off

LedGo Interior floor panels feature a sleek and shiny glass top layer that adds a touch of sophistication to any space. Even when the panels are turned off, their aesthetic appeal remains undiminished.