LedGo Interior Panels

We turn your interior into an experience.

We turn your interior into an experience

We are constantly stimulated by the environment in which we find ourselves. Through what we hear, smell, taste, feel and see our senses are stimulated and we experience the world around us. Our behavior is determined by what we encounter and experience.

We are touched by moving images which surprise and move us. Modern technology provides experiences at any time and in any interior. Products come to life and marketing messages hit home. With LedGo Interior Panels you create a wall, floor or ceiling comprised of LED-panels on which all possible types of moving images, films or animations can be shown.

With LedGo interior Panels ceilings, floors and walls become media displays on which experiences are shown. Scenery, views, motion, emotion, presentation. Everything is possible, the only limiting factor is your own perception. Even when the LED panels are turned off they still have a decorative appearance, because the front plate can be produced in countless designs and colours. Even a front made of wood or a mirror is possible. In addition, the LED panels can also be used as a light source. The technically extremely advanced Interior Panels have been developed by LedGo, a Dutch company. Due to their size and weight Interior Panels can easily be placed on a wall, in a floor or on a ceiling.

LedGo. We turn your interior into an experience.